Lesson Planning

Lesson Plans - Language Arts

Description: The Educator's Reference Desk (AskERIC) contains thousands of lesson plans in all subjects. This links points to Language Arts, which is divided into 16 subtopics such as grammar, process skills, phonetics and story-telling. Each lesson plan is clearly laid out and easy to reproduce.

Weather Watch - An Interactive Weather Project

Description: A complete interactive weather project with links to great information about weather on the Web. Also check the Cyberbee Web site for other curriculum ideas.


Description: This is a great site for learning all about zoetropes. It includes animated illustrations to show how they work and includes a brief history of how they were invented. It provides several great links to other sites about zoetropes.

National Zoo

Description: A visually interesting and information-rich site that can enhance many youth activities. Try using the information about animals as an idea-starter for pattern writing exercises. Use the live Web "cams" available at the site for part of a science project, or have students analyze the photgraphs as an introductory activity for a photography lesson.

Five Common Mistakes in Writing Lesson Plans

Description: A great article about lesson planning, including information on the elements of effective lesson design. Dr. Kizliz is creator and maintainer of Education Information for New Teachers and Education Students, a web site designed for new teachers, future teachers, education students, and anyone interested in education.

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