Sample Job Description - Youth Development Director

The following is a sample job description you can modify and use when looking for a Youth Development Director or similar position for your organization. A sample job description is also available for a Technology Learning Program Director.

Position Title:  Youth Development Director

Organization Description

(provide a one-paragraph description of your organization and the technology learning center)

Position Summary

(Organization name) seeks an experienced, competent and caring person to develop and manage a comprehensive youth development program for school age youth. As Director of Youth Development, this individual will be responsible for coordinating the development and implementation of an after school and summer youth program that integrates the resources of a technology learning center into the program activities.


    • Work with executive leadership and staff to design a cohesive and comprehensive youth development program for youth ages five through eighteen, utilizing the resources of (your organization) and the technology learning center
    • Develop and implement planning and project management processes to ensure the effective coordination and integration of the programs and resources of the learning center
    • Provide support to executive leadership and staff in the areas of planning, management, program execution and communications
    • Provide the technology learning center director and other program staff with resources and day-to-day supervisory support necessary for them to effectively implement learning programs
    • Collaborate with youth and adult education services management team to ensure the effective coordination of program schedules and related events for youth and families
    • Manage the development and maintenance of the learning center: hardware and software purchases, installation and support, instructional materials, physical plant
    • Assist with funds development for educational programs and youth programs
    • Foster relationships among local schools, universities, businesses and other community youth and education programs to enhance the development of the learning center


    • Leadership and management experience in a youth services, family support or K-12 educational setting
    • Ability to articulate a vision about preparing youth for the future—from social, economic, cultural and personal perspectives—to partners, funders and the community
    • Highly positive and enthusiastic style capable of motivating others
    • Skills and energies to build a team and lead effective staff development and training

Skills and Experience

    • Relationship management skills and experience in fostering a team approach to youth development and creating collaboration among partner organizations in youth development
    • Excellent project management and planning skills
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
    • At least three years experience in an administrative or managerial capacity in an organization that provides direct services to youth
    • Experience and competencies in working in a multiracial, multicultural environment
    • Experience and/or understanding of the development of educational programs in nonprofit or K-12 settings
    • Experience with and/or understanding of the application of information technology to educational programs for youth in nonprofit or K-12 settings


(fill in salary information)

How to apply

(fill in application information, including an email address and Web site)