Sparkplug Foundation Grants

The Sparkplug Foundation supports start-up projects primarily in three areas of focus: music, education and grassroots organizing.

Sparkplug seeks to foster the expansion of musical ideas by supporting new projects which promote original programming and new performers.

Sparkplug seeks to promote living environments in which learning is a natural activity and a habit, rather than a periodic task. The foundation values critical and investigative thinking, and supports projects which address class disparities in educational access."

Grassroots Organizing
Sparkplug encourages individuals and grassroots groups to develop and enact activist strategies for addressing institutional injustices, and for envisioning and building a reasoned, just society.

Funding Principles

In all areas of focus, Sparkplug is interested in making one-time grants for activities which create sustainable organizing and communities. While recognizing the importance of developing individual cultures, Sparkplug favors projects that promote diversity.

Sparkplug funding is intended to build lasting infrastructure for carrying out the goals of music, education and community organizing work. This means we try to fund projects that build leadership rather than deliver services...

Sparkplug gives preference to projects run on small budgets, projects of smallish organizations, and projects that are less likely to receive corporate, institutional or government funding."

Eligible applicants: 501c-3 organizations; Organizations with 501c-3 sponsors;
Individuals with or without sponsors.

"The first step is to call them for a talk-through of your proposal, to assess whether you should submit an application. Please be aware that they only consider applications that have been discussed with them in advance.

Next application deadline: May 16, 2007"