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Teachers’ Ultimate Guide to Using Videos

"Teachers want to know: Among all the millions of videos out there, how do you find the great ones? How do you evaluate the quality of a video? Who are the great content creators, and what are the best curation sites?... In collaboration with educator Catlin Tucker, MindShift presents Teachers’ Guide to Videos, to answer these questions and more.

Adobe Youth Voices Aspire Awards - Deadline Approaching

The Adobe Youth Voices Aspire Awards recognizes media with original, high-quality youth-produced content that creatively express the vision for driving positive change in local communities. The deadline for media created in 2013 is midnight Pacific Time on April 19, 2013.

Eligible projects must be created by youth between the ages of 13-19 and demonstrate the power of media to give voice to youth issues and concerns.

Creativity Now! Educational Leadership Feature

The recent Education Leadership Publication features articles and research exploring how creativity and academic learning can intermingle to create meaningful learning experiences.  

 "Teachers who understand that creativity combines both originality and task appropriateness," Beghetto and Kaufman write, "are in a better position to integrate student creativity into the everyday curriculum in ways that complement, rather than compete with, academic learning."

Google - Search Education

Google recently launched Search Education, which hosts a collection of resources aimed at helping youth become skilled web searchers - whether they're just starting out with search, or ready for more advanced training.

New Survey of K-12 Educators on Social Networking, Online Communities, and Web 2.0 Tools in partnership with MCH Strategic Data released new research that shows 82% of educators have joined a social network, 34% growth since 2009.  The report, A Survey of K-12 Educators on Social Networking, Online Communities, and Web 2.0 Tools 2012, revisits a 2009 educator study to discover how the new focus on the use of social networks and online communities as professional development opportunities has impacted educators. 

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